User Accounts

Every day many online services are used to access information of interest. The weather forecast, email or shared calendars are examples of this use. For use in Ubuntu Phone we must use an application that communicates with the server and a user account. The account management is done centrally on the system configuration. In this chapter we will see the steps to set up online accounts and integrate information in the terminal.

The available accounts are:

Open the launcher and select the gear icon to access system settings. Ubuntu Phone Launcher

Select the Accounts option.

System Settings

Next we will see the options for each online account.


Evernote is an online service that acts as a notebook. It allows text in the notes as well as embedded images or documents. By adding the account, we can synchronize user notes with Evernote notes.

Evernote Login

Open the Notes application (App scope) and click the Yes button to set up synchronization.

Setup account

We allow the Notes application to access the account setup.

Note access

We hope to complete the synchronization to access the content.

Evernote notes


Note: There is a bug that prevents login to SoundCloud.

SoundCloud is a music social network where users can promote their music. Other users can discuss the different parts of the audio file to enhance the final result.

SoundCloud login


Flickr is a website for sharing images and videos. It provides tools that help the management of multimedia content.

Flickr Login

We allow the Flickr scope to access the account setup.

Flickr Access

The photos will appear in the scope of Flickr.

Flickr Scope


Facebook is a social network that allows users to contact worldwide. The website includes different applications that invite users to interact with others.

Facebook Login

We allow the Facebook application to access the account setup.

Facebook Access

The Facebook app has the same structure as the Mobile Version of this social network.

Facebook Application

Ubuntu One

Ubuntu One is a centralized account used on Web pages related to Canonical (or Wiki Launchpad). It is also used on the device to install applications from the Ubuntu store and to enable push notifications.

Ubuntu One Login

By adding this account, you will receive updates of installed applications from the Ubuntu Store.

Ubuntu One Update


Twitter is a social network in which messages up to 140 characters are used. The user follows accounts with similar interests and interact with them.

Twitter Login

We allow the Twitter application to access the account setup.

Twitter Access

Twitter running on the Ubuntu Phone.

Twitter Application


Fitbit uses a wearable to measure parameters related to exercise or sleep. Ubuntu Phone is used to display information and synchronize the settings with the Fitbit server.

Fitbit Login

We allow the Fitbit Application to access the account setup.

Fitbit Scope

Screenshot of the application.

Fitbit Application


Instagram is a social network focused on sharing photos. It allows users to apply many filters to their photos.

Instagram Login

We allow the Instagram scope to access the account setup.

Instagram Access

Images will be displayed in the scope of Instagram

Instagram Application


Vimeo is a social network that lets you share videos. In the community are both content creators (who promote their videos) and users who follow them.

Vimeo Login

We allow Vimeo scope to access the account setup.

Vimeo Access

Videos on the scope.

Vimeo Scope


Google is a company that has a wide variety of services. By adding the account, you can synchronize with contacts or calendar accounts.

Google Login

Synchronization with the contacts application.

Contacts Application

We allow the Contacts application to access the account setup.

Contacts Access

The contacts are imported into the phone book.

Contacts Sync


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